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New program to help aspiring early educators focus on high-needs students

March 16, 2017
Ashley Hopkinson

Los Angeles Universal Preschool, also known as LAUP, launched a new certificate program this month for aspiring early education teachers and others who work with preschoolers that is focused on helping children with disabilities and emotional and behavior challenges.

The LAUP Research and Evaluation division found, after five years of surveying early educators in Los Angeles County about professional development needs, that training to deal with behavioral issues was the most requested.

LAUP started the program as part of its goal to provide support to early child care providers and teachers before they enter the classroom. The program includes a paid practicum at nine child care centers and preschools across Los Angeles. As part of the practicum, participants will work in pairs, 12 hours a week, with children with developmental delays or physical and mental disabilities. They will also work with children who may be dealing with traumatic issues, such as foster and homeless children, or those with parents who are incarcerated.