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Full-Day Kindergarten, Preschool Investments Made By Colorado Lawmakers

May 7, 2019

DENVER, CO – By Erica Meltzer for Challkbeat. As Colorado’s 2019 legislative session came to a close, Gov. Jared Polis strode into a conference room packed with reporters to talk about his accomplishments, starting with education.

“Have you heard us talk about full-day kindergarten ever?” the Democrat began, turning yet again to the issue he’s championed from the launch of his campaign to his opening speech, through four months of legislative deliberations and in dozens of public appearances. “So, it’s this novel idea we had where kids ought to be able to go a full day instead of just a half day, without their parents having to pay.”

Free full-day kindergarten got the most attention this year and will affect the most students, but it was just one piece of a far-reaching education agenda that included expanding access to mental health care in schools, funding dropout prevention programs, and improving access to higher education for students of color and those from low-income families.