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Education Secretary Arne Duncan outlines high-quality education rights for families

July 1, 2015
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Hanna Sanchez

The Department of Education has outlined a set of rights to help parents demand high quality education for their children. The rights, covering preschool to college, was designed to encourage parent involvement when it comes to their children’s education.

Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced Friday a set of rights that would help parents demand high quality education for their children. Speaking at the 2015 National Parent Teacher Association Convention and Expo in North Carolina, Duncan said every parent must be able to demand from their kids’ schools.
He said the three rights, which cover preschool to college, “must belong to every family in America — and I hope you’ll demand that your leaders in elected or appointed offices deliver on them.”
The three educational rights include high standards in a well-resourced school, free quality preschool, and affordable quality college, Rebecca Klein of The Huffington Post reported.
“They come together as a set of rights that students must have at three pivotal stages of their life, to prepare them for success in college and careers and as engaged, productive citizens,” said Duncan during his speech.