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Education by the Numbers: 9 Statistics That Have Made Us Think Differently About America’s Schools This Academic Year

July 3, 2018
Kevin Mahnken
The 74

Even with a perpetual media carnival unfolding around the Trump presidency, and ahead of midterm elections that could result in an even more hectic news environment next year, the events of 2018 have been shaped to an extraordinary degree by America’s K-12 schools.

After a massacre at a Florida high school in February, the national debate over gun safety reached its highest pitch in years. Spring teacher strikes spread from state to state, sending a chill through lawmakers and making school funding a backdrop for the November elections. In multiple swing states, hundreds of teachers have put their names on the ballot. And districts across the country have struggled to track, place, and educate thousands of children either displaced by Hurricane Maria or separated from their parents at the border.

Here are nine key statistics behind those and other major stories of the 2017-18 school year: