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Early ‘Head Start’ program launched at KCMO high school is first of its kind in metro

September 11, 2017
Megan Dillard

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — High school students face many challenges, and for some in the metro, parenting can be a tough life circumstance. Kansas City Public Schools celebrated a program Friday, aimed at letting those students know they don’t have to walk through that alone.

Davionne Cannon is an 18-year-old senior at the Central Academy for Excellence. He’s working on his last year of high school and learning how to raise his 6-week-old daughter Noni. He said, “We never had resources growing up and from previous relatives, resources like this didn’t come easily.”

What came easily Friday were smiles and support at the grand opening celebration of the Early Head Start Program at Central. Speaking to students from a podium, Principal Anthony Madry said, “Yall are the true VIPS. Keep coming to school. Keep doing what you do, and if you need, ask.” He encouraged his students who are young moms and dads.