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Early-education survey highlights public-private differences

April 26, 2016
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Tiffany Danitz Pache
The Manchester Journal

In Vermont, teachers who work in early learning tend to have satisfaction with their jobs. What they don’t have is good pay unless they work in the public schools, according to a report from the Department for Children and Families.

The report is based on three surveys of those who work with children in day care and preschool up through third grade as well as those in after-school programs up to age 14, according to Murphy.

Workers in public school programs and private centers as well as family child care providers were surveyed as part of Vermont’s Early Learning Challenge grant. The idea was to take a snapshot of what is happening in the field to get a baseline and see what is working and what could be changed to support high-quality early care and learning.

The results showed that public school programs had the most-qualified and best-paid instructors, while child care that is based in family homes had the least-educated and lowest-paid workers.