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Early Childhood Battle In Indiana Continues

July 11, 2016
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The battle for quality Pre-K education in Indiana continues as the November election draws near. Governor Mike Pence had pushed for a pilot program called On My Way Pre-K, but then rejected millions of dollars in federal funding. Pence is in a tough battle for re-election, and has expressed renewed interest in the federal money. State Superintendent of Schools Glenda Ritz, who’s also running in November, is the only Democrat elected to statewide office in Indiana. She wants a universal Pre-K education program that would offer free preschool to all students, regardless of family income. Ted Maple, president and CEO of Early Learning Indiana, said right now Hoosier children are missing out on quality education.

On My Way Pre-K began in 2015 in Allen, Lake, Marion, Jackson and Vanderburgh counties. Pence has said he wanted to make sure it worked before applying for federal funds. Ritz said Indiana is “years behind” because of Pence’s “political showboating.”