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The case for investing in high-quality early learning

September 21, 2017
Lillian Lowery
The Hechinger Report

Imagine a preschool classroom where every child is engaged in positive social, emotional and developmental learning activities.

Children would be smiling and happy, enjoying the interaction with their teacher and each other — whether they’re delighting in story time or constructing towering cities with colorful building blocks. Where parents are vigorously engaged in their child’s education while simultaneously seeking opportunities to better their own lives.

As Maryland’s state superintendent of schools, I saw this on a regular basis when visiting one of our Judy Centers. Placed deliberately in Title I schools, Judy Centers are subsidized preschools that bring together children from across neighborhoods and family income brackets for quality early learning and family support.

The power of high-quality early learning has been evidenced in research time and time again: High-quality preschool programs help equip our children with critical early development and opportunities to learn and play together, while putting them on the path to school readiness before their little feet reach the kindergarten door.