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Better East Texas: Preschool programs impact our economic future

December 1, 2017

Five Universities, led by Harvard Graduate School of Education have analyzed 22 studies done over 56 years, from 1960 to 2016.The results were that kids in high quality early education programs, by over 8%, were less likely to be  placed in a special education program.  They were also by over 8%, less likely to be retained in a grade, and by over 11%, more likely to graduate from high school.

In this country, only 55% of three and four year-olds will attend formal preschool.  In China, more than 75% will.  In Germany and Britain, more than 90% will.   Texas ranks 26th in pre-k spending according to the National Institute for Early Education Research.  So, if it works, why the lack of interest and investment?  For a better East Texas, let’s start by insisting  that our local and state politicians and our community leaders pay more attention to  Pre-K programs.  After all, it will impact everyone’s economic future.