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Best States for Pre-K – 12 Education

August 2, 2018
Andrew Soergel
US News

Pre-K – 12 educationoutcomes are hardly uniform across the U.S., with penty of variation even within individual states.

Parents looking for top-tier states for education can generally concentrate their search on the Northeast, with the top six and seven of the top 10 states concentrated within the geographic region, according to the most recent U.S. News Best States analysis focused on pre-K – 12 education.

On the other hand, Mountain and Southern states tended to underwhelm in terms of test scores, college preparation, high school graduation rates and pre-k quality and enrollment percentages. The bottom three states on the pre-K – 12 index were Mountain states (New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona). And half of the bottom 10 could be found in the geographic South (West Virginia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Louisiana and Mississippi).