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Bahamas Launches Preschool Pilot eLearning Project

December 8, 2017
Henry Kronk
Elearning Inside News

On Monday, The Bahamas officially launched the Government’s Over-the-Hill Rejuvenation Pre-Assessment Phase Programme with the first of its effort: a pilot eLearning project at the Willard Patton Preschool.

The eLearning Pilot Project hopes to increase digital literacy and use of technology in the classroom for the country’s youngest students. With expanded funds, preschoolers will be provided with tablets and accompanying educational software. Their learning management system (LMS) will also allow teachers and parents to access their kids’ progress and performance.

Once the rollout is complete, eleven preschools will benefit from the program: six on New Providence (the country’s biggest island which includes Nassau), and five in the Family islands.

The Willard Patton Preschool is located in Nassau’s Over-the-Hill neighborhoods, which refers to historically lower-class regions of the city that were initially divided from the commercial center by the British Governor’s land holdings.