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At the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Preschool, inclusive education a priority

November 16, 2015
Quality and CurriculumSpecial Education
Carly Hanson
The State Press

The Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Preschool at ASU has seen positive results following its relocation to collaborate with the Department of Speech and Hearing Science at the Tempe campus.

Executive Director Allison Mullady said the school’s move from the Farmer Education Building to the Community Services Building North of Papago Park in July 2014 was primarily intended to create an inclusive environment for both special education and typically developing students, or children with normal developmental patterns.

“Our goal is to be on the forefront of what inclusion looks like and what quality preschool looks like for kids with special needs,” Mullady said.

The preschool was open for approximately 20 years before collaborating with the Department of Speech and Hearing Science, which ran its own preschool for about 20 years as well, Mullady said.

The Teachers College Preschool has 40 students, which are divided into three classrooms with children aged 3 to 5, she said.

Mullady said the school sees benefits for both special needs and typically developing children in an inclusive environment.

“We see kids who have special needs learning from their peers,” she said. “We also see children who have not been identified as special needs having a growing level of compassion for others.”