Early Education in the News

The Ithaca Journal
August 8, 2005

The quality of pre-kindergarten programs varies widely, but the good ones are easy to spot.

The City Paper, Nashville, TN
August 5, 2005

Every school district that applied for funding was awarded one or more classrooms, with a total of 300 new classrooms being created statewide.

The Gazette, Gaithersburg, MD
August 3, 2005

In taking over responsibility for child care, state education officials said more children will be prepared to enter kindergarten because more resources will be available to providers.

The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA
August 1, 2005

Improved test scores for children who attended public preschool paved the way for the growth of the LA4 preschool program.

The Arizona Republic
August 1, 2005

The states-led universal pre-kindergarten movement appears to be gaining steam.

The New York Times
July 31, 2005

Now middle-class families are insisting on first-rate, publicly supported prekindergartens.

The Houston Chronicle
July 29, 2005

The Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition released a plan to expand access to preschool programs, improve their quality and make them more affordable.

Summerville Journal-Scene, Summerville, SC
July 28, 2005

If we are serious about making sure that all of our children have every opportunity to reach their potential, we need to start with promoting and providing universal early childhood education programs.

USA Today
July 27, 2005

More U.S. children are living in poverty these days, and their parents often have difficulty finding full-time work, according to a handful of new reports.

Silver City Sun-News, Silver City, NM
July 26, 2005

New Mexico Voices for Children suggests the state should set aside surplus revenues for programs to improve the education and health of children.

The Augusta Chronicle
July 21, 2005

The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning seeks to combine child-care regulation, early education and nutrition services for children birth to school age into one united effort.

Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN
July 19, 2005

Business leaders who have championed expanded preschool programs to help prepare low-income Minnesota kids for kindergarten got the green light from the Legislature to proceed.

The Times, Trenton, NJ
July 19, 2005

Despite classes that are held in unconventional buildings, such as aging churches, homes and storefronts, preschools in Trenton and 30 other impoverished districts are rapidly improving, experts say, bringing hope of considerable strides toward raising the education levels of poor, minority children closer to their suburban counterparts.

Tampa Tribune
July 19, 2005

At the same time Florida launches its voluntary prekindergarten program, it's pulling the plug on scholarships for child care workers to get the credentials they need to teach.

The Philadelphia Inquirer
July 18, 2005

Latino children account for one in five children of preschool age, but too few have access to high-quality programs, leaders at the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza said yesterday.

The Times, Trenton, NJ
July 17, 2005

In 1998, the state Supreme Court decided preschool was crucial if New Jersey were to narrow the achievement gap largely harming minority children in New Jersey's poorest cities.

Chicago Tribune
July 15, 2005

District leaders said the private partnerships amount to a dramatic expansion, because the money will convert thousands of day-care slots into quality preschool slots for far less than it costs to create new classrooms in schools.

The Daily Oklahoman
July 15, 2005

Now is not the time to pull back on support for a pre-K program that leads the nation.

The Houston Chronicle
July 12, 2005

The hope is that with an extra push in the summer, at-risk Head Start children will be ready for kindergarten.

National School Boards Association
July 12, 2005

Despite the political rhetoric about the value of preschool education -- and how it is a solid investment in the nation's future -- progress in expanding high-quality preschool programs has been limited.