Early Education in the News

Sacramento Bee
June 1, 2006

Even if your parents speak English at home, at 4 years old you have a ways to go before mastering the language. But, especially for 4-year-olds whose first language is Spanish or Hmong or Vietnamese, quality preschool can improve the transition to elementary school.

The Washington Post
May 30, 2006

Many education analysts are tracking the California debate over whether pre-kindergarten should be universal or targeted to disadvantaged kids.

The Sun News, Myrtle Beach, SC
May 30, 2006

Experts say only premium programs pack the punch that educators say is needed to help the most disadvantaged children prepare for kindergarten.

Los Angeles Times
May 24, 2006

No other social program has been evaluated more than preschool education.

The Sacramento Bee
May 23, 2006

The smaller amount proposed by the governor would go mostly to children from poor families who are not already enrolled.

May 18, 2006

Heeding studies showing that investing money in kids before kindergarten increases their chances of graduating and staying out of jail, nearly half of governors this year are pushing for -- and many are getting -- more funding for preschool education.

The Washington Post
May 18, 2006

A proposed universal preschool program on California's June ballot would dramatically increase student achievement and could eventually become a national model if it is adopted, early education researchers say.

The Free Press, Mankato, MN
May 12, 2006

State lawmakers and the past couple of governors of Minnesota have been told by wide-ranging groups in recent years there are good reasons for making a higher priority of investing in programs for little kids.

The Kansas City Star
May 12, 2006

The bill would require the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to create standards for optional early education programs designed to help pre-kindergarten children with social, emotional and language development.

The Virginian-Pilot
May 11, 2006

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine promised expanded preschool during his campaign last year, but did not push for it during the most recent General Assembly session. On Friday, Kaine plans to announce the members of his early education council, which will propose a model for expanding preschool in Virginia.

The State, Columbia, SC
May 7, 2006

The commonsense and practical solution is to expand preschool services at the state level within the structures that already exist in the Department of Education and in local school districts. This would guarantee children a seamless transition from pre-kindergarten programs into public kindergarten programs.

Los Angeles Times
May 7, 2006

Georgia's example is one of several state programs studied by the drafters of California's initiative, who hope voters will back an effort that they argue would give all students a jump-start on traditional kindergarten. Doing so, supporters hope, would translate into achievement gains for students in the nation's most populous state.

Chicago Tribune
May 5, 2006

Gov. Rod Blagojevich's landmark "Preschool for All Children" initiative won't give all children access to free preschool after all, at least in the short run.

Christian Science Monitor
May 4, 2006

Supporters hope that if voters pass Proposition 82, some 550,000 4-year-olds who live in California would have a chance to go to school. However, the initiative, which was once popular with residents, is losing voter support amid a disagreement over which children would benefit.

Express-News, San Antonio, TX
May 4, 2006

The proposal would make the child of an active duty member of the armed forces or a member of the National Guard or Reserve eligible for pre-kindergarten.

The Examiner, San Francisco, CA
May 4, 2006

Half of the region's kindergarteners are the children of immigrants, and their scores tend to be lower than their English-speaking counterparts. But officials Wednesday said those scores are correlated with social factors — not language.

Tallahassee Democrat
April 30, 2006

Early enrollment numbers for Florida's new voluntary summer pre-K program are low.

The Forum, Fargo, ND
April 28, 2006

North Dakota has an opportunity to use public dollars in the best way: to get children started early on the road to a good public education.

The Times-News, Twin Falls, ID
April 27, 2006

Idaho is one of eight states that doesn't spend any state money on early education.

The Washington Post
April 26, 2006

Individuals looking to open preschools say they are finding it increasingly difficult to locate space.