Early Education in the News

Santa Maria Times, Santa Maria, CA
January 4, 2005

Which would you rather have, smart kids or roads without potholes?

The Advocate, Stamford, CT
January 3, 2005

At the heart of the wish list is funding for children in the state's neediest school districts to attend preschool.

Orlando Sentinel
January 3, 2005

An estimated 130,000 new students could enroll when the program begins in August, mostly at existing preschools and private day-care centers.

The Des Moines Register
January 2, 2005

When Gov. Tom Vilsack addresses lawmakers this month, expanding and improving preschool education across Iowa will be at the top of his priority list.

The Star-Ledger
December 31, 2004

All the teachers in Francisca Sofia's school, run by the Ironbound Community Corp., are college graduates with special training in early childhood education.

The Pew Charitable Trusts
December 27, 2004

Research shows that children who receive a high-quality pre-kindergarten education do better in school and in life.

The News-Press
December 17, 2004

While legislators gave final approval to a statewide pre-kindergarten program Thursday, they also acknowledged many details are still uncertain. No one is sure how many 4-year-olds will show up for the free classes when they start in eight months.

Orlando Sentinel
December 16, 2004

Judging Florida's new pre-kindergarten programs by how well 5-year-olds do on standardized tests could shortchange the state's neediest youngsters and wouldn't properly assess the quality of pre-K providers, critics argue.

SmartMoney Magazine
December 14, 2004

Most three- and four-year-olds go to preschool these days — a big switch from 1960, when just 10 percent of them did, according to the National Institute for Early Education Research. More working mothers and a wide acceptance of the benefits of early education have fostered the growth of preschools. But there's a downside: Many aren't very good.

Knoxville News Sentinel
December 9, 2004

The state now spends about $10 million per year on such programs, which Gov. Bredesen said have proven their worth in preparing youngsters for school.

The Miami Herald
December 9, 2004

Florida legislative leaders unveiled the outline for a new statewide pre-kindergarten program.

The Beaufort Gazette
December 7, 2004

There's a noticeable difference between children who attended preschool and those who didn't, according to Donna Smith, a kindergarten teacher at Okatie Elementary School.

The Des Moines Register
December 2, 2004

Preschool isn't just about providing a better education for Iowa's children. It promotes economic development.

The Ledger, Lakeland, FL
December 1, 2004

Florida lawmakers will consider creating an education program for 4-year-olds that would fall far short of the nation's leading prekindergarten systems.

The Christian Science Monitor
November 23, 2004

While many studies have shown preschool's short-term academic effects, the High/Scope Perry Preschool Study offers a rare glimpse into how far-reaching the gains can be.

U.S. Newswire
November 22, 2004

The second annual survey of state preschool programs found a huge disparity in availability from state to state and even within state boundaries.

The Oklahoman
November 21, 2004

A new study finding that Tulsa's publicly funded pre-kindergarten program has produced academic gains for all students, regardless of race and income level, should serve as a serious boost for early education efforts in Oklahoma.

USA Today
November 19, 2004

An intensive preschool program for low-income children in the early 1960s has made a huge difference in their lives, its benefits felt nearly 40 years later, a study shows.

The Des Moines Register
November 18, 2004

Gov. Tom Vilsack promised nearly 300 Iowa early-childhood professionals on Wednesday that his budget proposal to the Legislature this year will include a considerable increase in money for early-childhood programs. Vilsack has proposed improvements to children's dental care, a rating system to monitor the quality of child-care facilities and accreditation programs for more of Iowa's preschools.

Wisconsin State Journal
November 17, 2004

An experimental preschool program attended by a small group of needy Michigan children in the 1960s still is paying big benefits, according to the latest assessment of their lives.