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Articles written by NIEER and published by outside organizations

Journal Articles

Comparative benefit-cost analysis of the Abecedarian program and its policy implications

December 1, 2007
W.S. Barnett and Leonard N. Masse

This paper, published in the Economics of Education Review (26, 113-125), presents insights from a benefit-cost analysis of the Abecedarian preschool program and comparisons to the High-Scope Perry Preschool program.

The Importance of Demographic, Social, and Political Context for Estimating Policy Impacts: Comment on “Implementing New York’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program”

November 1, 2007
W. Steven Barnett

This article reviews national demographic and enrollment trends regarding state preschool initiatives to counter concerns about the potential negative effects of state-funded pre-K on child care programs.

Commentary on “Implementing New York’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program: An Exploratory Study of Systemic Impacts”

November 1, 2007
Debra J. Ackerman

This commentary offers an alternative perspective to the argument that state-funded pre-K initiatives contribute to instability in the child care market.

Who Are These Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students?

December 1, 2006
Eugene E. Garcia and Delis Cuellar

Arizona State University professor Eugene E. Garcia and colleague Delis Cuellar answer this question in an article in the online journal Teachers College Record.

Early Childhood Development and Social Mobility

December 1, 2006
W. Steven Barnett and Clive R. Belfield

This article discusses the effects of preschool education programs on disadvantaged children's movement up the ladder.

The High/Scope Perry Preschool Program: Cost-Benefit Analysis Using Data from the Age-40 Followup

December 1, 2006
Clive R. Belfield, Milagros Nores, Steve Barnett, and Lawrence Schweinhart

This study follows the children who participated in the High/Scope Perry preschool program, analyzing the costs and benefits of the program.

Costs, Benefits, and Long-Term Effects of Early Care and Education Programs: Recommendations and Cautions for Community Developmers

December 1, 2006
W. Steven Barnett and Debra J. Ackerman

This paper discusses the costs and benefits related to implementing early childhood education programs, including the effects on children's learning and development

Oral Storytelling: A Cultural Art That Promotes School Readiness

September 1, 2006 Outcomes

This article explores how early childhood educators can use story-telling as a culturally sensitive, age-appropriate learning tool to promote young children's school readiness.

The Costs of Being a Child Care Teacher: Revisiting the Problem of Low Wages

January 1, 2006
Debra J. Ackerman

This report demonstrates how low wages for preschool teachers impact the overall quality of child care.

Getting Teachers from Here to There: Examining Issues Related to an Early Care and Education Teacher Policy

December 1, 2005
Debra J. Ackerman

This article explores two issues facing the move to increase the credentials of the current early care and education workforce.