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Parent and clinic early intervention for children with language handicaps: A cost-effectiveness analysis.

February 22, 2018 Quality and CurriculumSpecial Education

By Barnett, W. S., Escobar, C. M., & Ravsten, M. T. (1988). This study investigated the economic efficiency of alternative types of intervention with language-impaired preschool children. Forty children were randomly assigned to one of four groups: (a) home-based (parent-delivered) intervention, (b) center-based intervention, (c) both center- and home-based intervention, and (d) no treatment. The home…

Research on the cost effectiveness of early educational intervention: Implications for research and policy.

February 22, 2018 Economics and FinanceSpecial Education

By Barnett, W. S. & Escobar, C. M. (1989). In the last decade, the “cost effectiveness” of early educational intervention has become a familiar argument for the expansion of such services to young children who are handicapped or living in poverty. Indeed, the claim is often broadened to support public provision of universal early childhood programs….

Developing preschool education policy: An economic perspective.

February 22, 2018 Economics and Finance

By Barnett, W. S. (1990). Federal, state, and local governments are currently considering significant changes in public policies related to preschool education. Much of the impetus for these changes derives from evidence of the costs and benefits of such programs, and many of the issues being addressed have significant economic dimensions. This article examines four critical…

Benefits of compensatory preschool education.

February 22, 2018 Outcomes

By Barnett, W. S. (1992). Although there is widespread agreement that compensatory preschool education can produce short-term gains in test scores, its ability to produce meaningful long-term improvements in educational and economic success has been questioned. This paper reviews the evidence regarding long-term effects, including a classical experiment and benefit-cost analysis. It is concluded that compensatory…

On politics, markets and American schools.

February 22, 2018 AccessGovernance and Accountability

By Rosario, J. R., Barnett, W. S., & Franklin, B. M. (1992). When mid‐19th‐century educational reformers described the system of common schools which they envisioned for the USA, they talked about an institution that would be accessible to all children and that would provide them with a shared educational experience. As these early proponents of public…

Developmentally appropriate public school preschool: A study of implementation of the High/Scope curriculum and its effects on disadvantaged children’s skills at first grade.

February 22, 2018 OutcomesQuality and Curriculum

By Frede, E. & Barnett, W. S. (1992). Although preschool for disadvantaged children is strongly supported nationally as a beneficial endeavor, the research that underlies this support has mostly been limited to small-scale, high-quality programs. Some have questioned the ability of public schools to provide similar experiences and outcomes for young children. This study finds that…

Benefit-cost analysis of preschool education: Findings from a 25-year follow-up. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

February 22, 2018 Economics and Finance

By Barnett, W. S. (1993). Conducted a benefit–cost analysis of a preschool education program for poor children based on a 25-yr follow-up study by J. R. Berrueta-Clement et al (1984). At the beginning of the program, Ss consisted of 128 African-American children and their parents, all of low SES. The children were born between 1958 and…

Economic evaluation of home visiting programs

February 22, 2018 Economics and Finance

By Barnett, W. S. (1993). This article discusses economic evaluation of home visiting programs. Evaluations of this kind, including cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit studies, can help policymakers allocate limited resources and help both program planners and administrators improve their programs. Barnett reviews some of the important considerations when measuring the costs and outcomes of home visiting programs….

Early childhood programs in the public schools: Insights from a state survey

February 22, 2018 Special EducationState & Local

By Barnett, W. S. & Frede, E. C. (1993). Local education agencies (LEAs) have considerable discretion in the development and implementation of early childhood policy and programs. It is therefore useful to describe local implementation of early childhood policies, including those for young children with disabilities. A survey was conducted of early childhood programs administered by…

Obstacles and opportunities: Some simple economics of school finance reform.

February 22, 2018 Economics and FinanceOutcomes

By Barnett, W. S. (1994). The rapid growth in education expenditure in a time of declining earnings and increased economic inequality presents both obstacles and opportunities for school finance reform. Opportunities are greatest for reforms that increase funding for low-achieving students, rather than schools, based on efficiency arguments. Special-education policy is one possible model for such…