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January/February 2005 – Volume 3, Number 1

More States Find Virtue In ‘Sin Taxes’, New Way to Pay for Early Education

November/December 2004 – Volume 2, Number 5

State Pre-K Report: Disparities Abound Despite Progress, Many Still Left Behind

Winter 2004 – Volume 2, Number 1

Starting At 3! A New Program Aims To Establish Legal Right To Preschool Programs

September/October 2004 – Volume 2, Number 4

Hawaii Calls State Summit on School Readiness; Alliance Presses for UPK

June/July 2004 – Volume 2, Number 3

Setting The Bar For Quality: States Debate What It Means To Be ‘Ready’ For School

April/May 2004 – Volume 2, Number 2

Judge Sees Quality Pre-K Necessary Part Of ‘Adequate’ Public Schools

December 2003 – Volume 1, Number 3

Federal Reserve Economist Urges Much Wider Public Investment In Preschool

October/November 2003 – Volume 1, Number 2

A New Yardstick For Quality Of Pre-K: Check The Size Of Teachers’ Paychecks

August/September 2003 – Volume 1, Number 1

America Shortchanges Its Preschoolers: Few States Require Teacher Training